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A Pain in the Neck is No Joke

Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Gives a Full Range of Relief

Want to know how much you use your neck? Suffer a neck strain or soft tissue injury.

SpiderTech Neck Spider
Designed to treat a full range of conditions that cause neck pain, SpiderTech's Neck Spider offers drug-free pain relief and protection against further injury.

  • Support & Relief - For whiplash, neck strain, torticollis, cervical disc disease and arthritis
  • Faster Recovery - Engineered to the same consistency as your skin, the Neck Spider lets you enjoy full muscle and joint movement and it improves circulation while providing the support to reduce pain, swelling and recovery times
  • 24-Hour treatment - Waterproof, elastic and comfortable, your Neck Spider is easy to apply and will stay on for up to five days.

You’re an Athlete - Spider UP and Keep Performing Like One

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