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6 rolls per box - 2"x16.4" per roll  

SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape is available for order in boxes of 6 rolls of 5 mm x 5 meters per roll. Available in 4 colors – Blue, Black, Red, Beige (Skin Tone)

Spider Tape

Developed in support of the original Kinesiology Taping Therapies in 1987 by Nitto Denko of Japan, and engineered to mimic the thickness , weight and elasticity of human skin.

Nitto Denko has continued development of the materials and adhesive, delivering a product that is considered to be the World Standard in Kinesiology Tape. SpiderTape products use a high-grade cotton material with 100% acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive. Our tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for up to 5 days.

The Original Tape from Japan!

  • Original “Gentle Wave Pattern” Material
  • Still the World Standard for Kinesiology Tape
  • Superior Adhesion, Minimal Irritation

All SpiderTech products use Nitto Denko


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