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Looking for Shoulder Pain Relief?

Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Gives a Full Range of Relief

From dislocations and rotator cuff injuries, to strains and arthritis, there are many ways to suffer shoulder pain and discomfort.

SpiderTech Shoulder Spider
Engineered to address a variety of conditions, SpiderTech’s Shoulder Spider pre-cut kinesiology tape applications fit perfectly for greater comfort and they reduce pain during recovery.

  • Range of Motion - Your shoulder is an amazing joint that moves in every direction.  Your Shoulder Spider lets you keep that range of motion so you get back to normal faster
  • Speed Healing - Designed to the same consistency as your skin, the Shoulder Spider improves circulation while providing the support that reduces inflammation and pain
  • 24-Hour Treatment - Made from 100% acrylic with a hypoallergenic backing, SpiderTech applications are waterproof, elastic and comfortable, providing non-stop treatment for up to five days

You’re an Athlete - Spider UP and Keep Performing Like One

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