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Mark Bishop  

The thrill of doing a self supportive, ultra distance (250km) footrace is one of exhilaration and excitement. Being able to finish in one piece is an achievement. Of course over the years the body takes its toll, and the knees sadly bear the brunt of that continual pounding. I have had knee problems since hyper extending my knee in a race in Antarctica in 2008. Since then I have been on rehab hoping that I will be able to compete in another one of these races without pain and instability in the knee. Thanks to SpiderTech technology and the ease of the application of the strapping the problem has been minimalised. I have completed nearly 1500km in my preparation for the Libyan Challenge with no undue problems experienced and I trust that this will continue into and throughout the race. The strapping gives me the confidence to compete without reservations, it stabilizes my knee and I can physically feel the support it gives.

I can truly recommend this product line.

Mark Bishop

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I raced the Ironman World 70.3 Championships last weekend and won my age group by 30 minutes. It was cool for me as I was a double world champion this year. That does not happen very often! Truly without spider tape I am not sure it would of happened like that. It is amazing how that helped my hamstring.

Laura Sophiea

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The use of SpiderTech applications has given me an additional tool for treating patients in which both my patients and I see a difference in their recovery.

Dr. Warren Hammer D.C.
Author of Functional Soft Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods

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In order to succeed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I have to meet high standards in my training. Pushing my body past its limits on the mat can be brutal on my body. Spider Tech is an amazing resource that assists me in injury prevention, reducing soreness, and healing. Spider Tech cuts are both hassle free and reliable. I encourage anybody in need to try Spider Tech, you will be impressed!

Tyler Steppe
2010 No-Gi Lightweight Champion

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John Porter Jr.


Spidertech has played a major part my success as a Track & Field Athlete.  I used the Full Knee, Hamstring, and Foot & Ankle Spider.  Once applied properly I was able to perform at my best as the USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championship without pain.  I got plenty of stares at the event and even was approached about what it is and why it's on my leg.  I recommend your product to everyone I come across and will endorse it for many years to come.

John Porter Jr.

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Paul Papoutsakis


As Company Athletic Therapist for The National Ballet of Canada, I would like to thank SpiderTech for giving my athletes this rehabilitation tool to help them dance at their full potential.

SpiderTech applications help decrease pain and combines well with their other daily treatments including myo-fascial and osteopathic manual therapy techniques, stretching, exercise rehab and cryotherapy.  I am impressed with the dancers' ability to continue performing at high levels with lessened discomfort and strain while wearing the product.

SpiderTech products have become our cutting edge modality for dancers' pain/edema reduction and functional restoration.  It’s good to finally see a tape product that actually adheres to the body while undergoing the stress and range that is expected in a professional ballet dancer's movements.

Paul Papoutsakis, CAT(C), D.Ac
Company Athletic Therapist & Acupuncturist

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Amber Neben


The Spider Tech tape is amazing.  It is super easy to use.  Anyone can apply it and get the maximum benefit.  It is a very simple process.  Most importantly, however, the tape has done wonders for my shoulder, lower back, and posture.   I crashed hard in Italy at the Giro d'Italia last July, and right now my shoulder is sitting 3/4 out of socket.  With the SpiderTech tape applied, more of my humerus actually sits in the socket.  The pain I typically feel on the bike and in my daily activities is basically gone.  I do not think about my shoulder when it is taped, while without the spider, my shoulder hurts, I constantly feel like I need to pull my arm back into the shoulder socket, and I wake up at night because of the pain.  In addition to eliminating the pain, my ROM is significantly increased with the tape.  The lower back tape has also worked wonders for me!  Lastly, as a cyclist, I am in a perpetual state of bad posture, and the postural tape is helping to restore me to a healthier position.  Thank you Spider Tech for supporting my natural healing process while also allowing me to continue to train.

Amber Neben
World Time Trial Champion
2008 Olympian

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Nancy Rust


I have a bulging disc problem due to Osteo-Arthritis and one application of the Lower Back Spider provides me with 7 to 8 nights of good sleep without the need of pharmaceuticals.

Nancy Rust
Homosassa, Florida

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Mary Miller


This past year, I have really been focusing on building up my core.  One of the problems initially has been a slight rotation in my pelvis leading to several issues- dropping my hips while running and arching my back.  I've been working with my physio on firing my glutes while trying to keep my back in a stable position.  I was introduced to SpiderTech specifically the Hip Spider and the Lower Back Spider.  Immediately after application, I noticed a significant difference on my core stabilization, alignment in my hips, firing of the glutes, and my posture- talk about performance enhancing.  I am completing my workouts faster, stronger, and feeling no discomfort.  Not only that, it's been on 4 days and the tape is still working and sticking!

SpiderTech has made it incredibly easy for therapists AND clients (consumers) to use.  The pre-cut tape with instructions and labels on the nonstick backing, the tutorials online on application, the adhesive on the tape itself is phenomenal.

SpiderTech has become an essential part of my training and racing regime.  As demanding as triathlon is on the body- the day in and day out of training and racing- it comes down to the details if you want to be successful.  SpiderTech covers many of those details in one, giant swoop. I would absolutely recommend this product to therapists, professional athletes, recreational athletes, businessman, moms- this product is for anyone who is looking for pain reduction, injury prevention, and especially ... performance enhancement.

Mary Miller
Professional Triathlete

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Joe Gambles


The demands that triathlon put on my body as a two-time Ironman 70.3 Champion are enormous.  Training up to 40 hours a week takes its toll, but since using Spider Tech, I am seeing significant improvement each day as I am working in my optimal aligned position.

Competing in the three disciplines of triathlon (swimming, riding and running) the body is tested to its maximum capability but with Spider Tech’s range of products, I have been able to see and feel immediate positive results in total body efficiency.  Over a long endurance event, this equates to the difference between winning and losing.

Towards the end of a 2-8 hour triathlon, the stabilizers of the body begin to fatigue.  Spider tape keeps these firing, propelling me on to greater performances.

Spider Tech has become an essential part of my training regime as it improves my economy of movement, thereby increasing efficiency and my ability to train hard the next day.

I would recommend Spider Tech to anyone who wants to improve performance, treat or prevent injury or just make their sport more enjoyable.

Joe Gambles
SpiderTech Believer
Two - time Ironman 70.3 Champion (course record holder)
5th Ironman 70.3 World Championships, 2009

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Leslie Paterson


As a professional triathlete being pro-active in an attempt to prevent injury is key to long term success. When I discovered SpiderTech, I realized that this was the perfect tool in my arsenal to prevent any tweaks and pains from worsening.

I've been on the verge of injury many times and without SpiderTech my season could well have been over without it every beginning! I now carry SpiderTech with me wherever I train and race across the world and have realized that not only does it prevent and help manage injury, it has improved my functional performance too.

Thank you!

Leslie Paterson
Professional Triathlete
Xterra Racer

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Heather Jackson


I am excited to be working with NUCAP. After initial testing, I found that the Hip Spider gave me a significant performance boost during training and reduced my recovery time. It even stays on in the pool and the shower. Amazing stuff!  I know SpiderTech Tape will give me the competitive advantage I need for the 2010 season.

Heather Jackson
Professional Triathlete

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Tour of Missouri 2009 Stage 3 - Levi


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Cari McClemons


In my personal experience with SpiderTech, the Knee Spider application eliminated my knee pain & dysfunction, allowing me to return to my normal exercises and get back to surfing.

After partially tearing my ACL, I chose to rehab my knee versus undergoing surgery.  In that process I started compensating.  Even though I could go through my daily activities without pain, I could not run, or exercise without pain and instability.  I continued to surf but created more problems by tearing the posterior capsule of my knee.  Even though I was surfing, I could not perform at the level I was used to.  My knee would buckle or cause me pain.  No matter what I did, I couldn't get the compensations to go away.

Then I was introduced to SpiderTech.  I used the upper knee spider and then the hamstring spider on the back in a structural way to keep me from hyper-extending my knee.  Immediately after the application, I was able to squat without pain or joint noises. I was able to surf and workout without any pain or restrictions.  I didn't think that the tape would stay on while surfing and was pleasantly surprised.  I had tried other types of kinesiology tape in the water and they never made it through a day in the water.

That was even more impressive considering it was summer and I wasn't wearing a wetsuit, so the friction of my knee on the waxed board - which normally peeled any tape right off - had no effect.  I wore the tape for 4 weeks and now have no pain or instability in my knee.  
 I was really impressed with the SpiderTech line both as a physical therapist and as an athlete using the product.

Cari McClemons
MPT and Certified SpiderTech Instructor
Allied Health Carlsbad
Carlsbad, California

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As a competitive squash doubles player for over 20 years I have won numerous invitational, provincial and national titles and a World title.  Over the years I’ve had my share of injuries but none as devastating as the one at the women's pro event in November 2007 which left me in a cast for 3 months followed by 6 months of rehab.

That day my season was over but with extensive rehab I came back the following year and this time I was in the finals of the opening season women's doubles event and went down on court again with significant tearing of the muscles of the same leg.

I am no stranger to the various therapies and rehab strategies available as I have pretty much tried them all in an attempt to resume competitive squash. One therapy that stands out for helping me resume competitive sport is SpiderTech.

SpiderTech has given me the confidence to compete as well as the support necessary to endure the explosive nature of the game of squash.  Without Spider Tech I am not sure I would be on court and be fortunate enough to have had my first cast free Christmas in 3 years!  The pre-cut applications make it easy for me to apply which is a major plus with a traveling competitive schedule.

Karen Jerome

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My name is Louie Amelburu and I am an 8 time national champion and a two time masters Pan American Champion .  In August I injured my back in a 96 mile road race.  The injury occurred when I was improperly geared for the climbing race.  I was in position to win until I had no more power from the injury.  I was stubborn enough to race our state climbing championships shortly thereafter (the Mt. Everest challenge) with the injury.  I thought it was a temporary condition and that it would go away.

Needless to say, I had the pain throughout the 30,000 ft of climbing we did in two days of racing. I I raced with what seemed a knife through my lower back on each side.  I gutted it out and even won a stage (don’t ask me how).  I knew I needed help.  I went to a chiropractor and he did the usual protocol.  I trained the following week and felt some of the same debilitating pain I suffered at the Mt. Everest challenge.  I was desperate because I had a big 112 mile triathlon relay I had to do in November.

We had won the last 3 years and I didn’t want to disappoint my other teammates.  I called Dotsie Bausch who is a dear friend and asked her what I should do.  I gave her my symptoms and she said “Louie I have the perfect remedy for you!” She said "have you heard of SpiderTape?" I said "yes, I have seen it on you”.  She sent me the Lower Back SpiderTape.  I must say, I was skeptical at first!  I applied it the very day I got it.  I trained with it on for three weeks with no pain.  All the while, I was waiting for the pain to resurface and it never did.

Happy to report, I posted the fastest time and our team won by a great margin.  If it wasn’t for the SpiderTape I would have never been able to compete, let alone win with a record setting time.


Louie Amelburu

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Going after the National Record in Women's Team Pursuit was a tall order. We trained really hard for this moment. Throughout all of my long and arduous training days, Spider Tech tape kept me loose, recovered and performing at my best for each and every workout. I even endured an injury leading up to the event on my left arch, and the Calf and Arch Spider kept me pain free while my injury healed and also greatly accelerated the healing process.

I could not have done this without my Spider Tech tape.

Dotsie Bausch
Pan American Gold Medalist
6X National Champion (road and track)
U.S. Women's Team Pursuit Record Holder

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It worked!  I was able to comfortably sleep most of the night, awakening only a few times.  This morning I actually feel like I had a good night's sleep.

Blessings to you, Daniel, for providing my first night's rest in months.  I can't  begin to tell you how frustrating  it is to be totally exhausted fom pain and then not be able to rest.

G. Wolfe

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As a pain medicine physician and Olympic team physician I applaud your research and innovation in advancing the technology of kinesiology taping.  The Spider-Tech products have rapidly become our cutting edge modality implemented for patient pain/edema reduction and functional restoration with better adhesion, less skin irritation and easier application than prior products.

Congratulations on a phenomenal product!


Todd M Reiter

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This past summer I had the worst crash of my cycling career. On an 80km/hr descent I crashed on my head, giving myself whiplash and a concussion. I thought that my season was done.

Kevin treated me once a week and on each occasion applied a different SpiderTech taping. At first it was a lymph application, then a shoulder as it had undergone a minor dislocation, each week something different. The SpiderTech was impressive in its support of the neck and helping reduce the recovery time. Once I was good enough to ride again the postural and neck spiders helped me through  the initial weeks when the neck was still weak.

Without the SpiderTech my recovery would not have been as fast, or complete, nor would I have been able to return to racing as soon as I did. The SpiderTech saved my season.

Andrew Randell

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Bend ART Specialist, Mark DeJohn introduced me to SpiderTech when I had a chronic posterior tibialis injury in my foot. The SpiderTech calf tape, in conjunction with his thorough treatment, helped me get over the injury quickly. Now I always carry a set of SpiderTech tape kits in my car.

Conrad Stoltz
3x XTERRA World Champion

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As the Team Chiropractic Physician for the British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee and Track and Field events I would like to thank SpiderTech for giving my athletes the additional competitive edge during the Pan Am Junior Championships in Trinidad.

SpiderTech applications were able to decrease their pain and fit very well with their treatment regimen which included FAKTR-PM with Graston Technique, CMT, ice, stretching and exercise rehab.  I was impressed with the athletes' enhanced post event recovery and the ability of the athletes to perform at such high levels throughout the event with overall less discomfort and strains.

What really amazed me was that the SpiderTech applications stayed on for multiple days even while it was pouring rain during the competition.

Angela I. Salcedo

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I am writing to you with great excitement about your products!  I am running the Chicago Half Marathon this weekend after having a hamstring tear as well as suffering from sacroiliitis ... all because of your tape.

I have been using your Lower Back Spider as well as your Hamstring Spider for the past few weeks.  If it wasn't for your tape, I don't think that I could run this race.

Angela Kneale, my pilates instructor as well as a Physical Therapist, recently went to a conference to learn how to use your product.  When I told her about my injuries, she discussed using this tape on me.  After using the product for 2 weeks, I felt better than I have felt in a long while.  I was able to continue training through my hamstring recovery and for the first time in years, I haven't had to have an injection in my back for my deteriorating back.

I asked Angela about your company and what your business plan was as far as sales to PT and OT in America.  She stated that you didn't have a sales force except for the Representative who called on professional athletes and their trainers.

My brother-in-law was a professional soccer player who played for the Canadian National team and ended up in America to play professionally in MN.  He and my sister now own a health club in Ohio where he still trains soccer players.  I currently work as a pharmaceutical sales representative in the biologic market for autoimmune diseases.  We ABSOLUTELY see this product in both the weekend athlete like myself, as well as the PT and OT that treat Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I think that this product will do what Breath Right did for the stuffed sinus cavity.

I am a true believer in this product!!!!!!

Beth Battaglia

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Over the last few weeks, I have been having a re-occurring knee injury that I just can’t seem to get rid of with the amount of training I do. There are days where It has been so bad, that I have to completely stop training, and cut training hours on the bike. After finally running out of options I came upon Spider Tech Applications through Dr. Kevin Jardine. I have been using the upper knee spider and it has helped immensely. The difference between wearing the knee spider and not wearing it, is like day and night. With it on I can complete 4 hour work outs pain free and race at a professional level. It is the most amazing tape application I have ever worn.

Adam Morka

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Hi Kevin,

I met you yesterday at the APTA conference. You placed the Spider tape on my back, and I thought I would let you know how I made out on the drive home. No pain! It really made a huge difference. I still have it on as I heard they could be worn 3-5 days. I do feel a bit achy today and was wondering if it would be due to me using my extensors more than I usually do. What are your thoughts and should I take it off?

Just a bit of background on my condition as you may use any of this as an endorsement for the Spider tape. In 2000, I was in a car accident and herniated T10-T11 and T11-T12. I had 2 courses of physical therapy, and was on many different medications. I finally got relief from epidurals in 2007. In 2008, I was in another car accident and herniated T12-L1. I had to stop taking NSAIDS due to papillary necrosis of the kidneys. I had 1 course of PT, use TENS and Lidoderm patches. I am currently getting acupuncture with good results.

The pain is at it's worst when I am in sitting or supine. I usually can't tolerate sitting for more than 30 minutes without pain at the 7/10 level. Yesterday morning I set out 2 Tylenol 800mgs to take for the ride home ( 2hours 45 min). I decided not to take them to truly see what effect the Spider would have. I really had no pain when I got home, and wished I had it on throughout the whole conference.

Thank you so much for taking the time to place the Spider, and I plan on ordering more. As a PT, I have never used taping before. I'm excited to start trying the Spider with my patients, since it is so easy to apply.

Thanks again!

Michelle McCallister
Genesis Rehab Services

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As a Professional triathlete I need to have control over my ability to train and race to my full potential. A medical team I trust, the best training plan and equipment, good nutrition and Spider-Tech are huge parts of my success strategy. Spider-Tech technology ensures that I am able to train and race through strains and aches that otherwise would hold me back. The tape played a key roll in allowing me to race pain free as I recovered from a broken heel in 2008. As a professional athlete I need to be able to push my limits by pushing through pain. With the help of Spider-Tech I am able to simply push my limits.

Ayesha Rollinson

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I am now 2 months post-op lumbar laminectomy/diskectomy. My incision is over 6 inches long and I need some additional support when walking. Prior to the APTA sections meeting in Las Vegas, I was using a LS corset with a sacral pad for support, and this was helpful but bulky. Since most of my pain is myofascial, I decided to try the Spider Tech taping kits, and this was an instant success. It is so light it almost feels like your own skin, and you can wear it for few days at a time. Also, this taping applications help to decrease muscle spasms at night time. I will most definitely plan to use this multi functional product in the future.


Michael Feely, RPT
SE Physical Therapy,PC

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I have been having knee problems for quite some time now, especially when I run. Unfortunately, I have procrastinated on making a Dr.’s appointment. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Dr. Shoshany during an art project BR Kai Regan was creating. He wanted to get a few X-rays done…that’s whereI found Dr. Shoshany.

Dr. Shoshany introduced me to something called Spider tech Kinesiolgy tape AKA SPIDER TECH. Spider Tech is an athletic tape designed to support muscles, speed tissue recovery, increasing range of motion and reduce pain. I was a little reluctant…having some tape slapped on my knees and everything would be just golden? I decided to give it a try.

This stuff is A-MAZING! Seriously..I am hooked! I tried to keep it on for days!! It might look a little funny, but it really helped with the pain in my knees!  Lance Armstrong is calling it "The Magic Tape". I totally recommend trying it out.


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