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Principles of Application

X, Y & I - Shaped Pre-Cut Kinesiology
Tape Strips

SpiderTech PowerStrips emulate the most commonly used forms of manually-cut Kinesiology Tape applications provided in simple to use pre-cut form. All SpiderTech PowerStrips provide the same perforated and number backing on the tape, allowing you a simpler, cleaner
way to apply.

Based on the same therapeutic foundation and methodologies as the SpiderTech Pre-Cuts, PowerStrips provide an efficient way to continue to use kinesiology tape in your practice without the need to resort scissors or struggle with application design.

Pediatric Application Library Pediatric Application Library
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SpiderTech PowerStrip Video Training

For anyone familiar with SpiderTech Therapy application methods, SpiderTech Powerstrips provide an obvious extension of your therapeutic tool kit – either stand-alone or integrated with SpiderTech Pre-Cuts. For anyone used to manual creation of application, the videos below will take you through the core principles of application for SpiderTech PowerStrips, based on the science behind all SpiderTech products.

Please click below for the PowerStrip training videos:

Applications Principles and Methods


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