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Introducing SpiderTech PowerStrips

X, Y & I - Shaped Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape strips.

Complete Your SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape Therapy Tool Box

SpiderTech’s PowerStrips are designed for use as both stand-alone and integrated additions to the family of SpiderTech products and education. Each X, Y or I product can be applied independently or combined to provide therapeutic benefit via Kinesiology Tape Therapy methodologies, and used in conjunction with SpiderTech Pre-Cut products to further enhance the therapeutic impact of your treatments.

Product Features

  • X Y & I shapes replicate the most commonly used Kinesiology Tape Therapy forms, eliminating the need to cut from rolls and provide you the perfect "kit" to assemble complete Kinesiology Tape applications
  • More cost efficient than using rolls
  • Machine Cut Edges and Radius Curve ends enhance wearability and application endurance
  • SpiderTech Easy-Tear perforated backing allows ease of use
  • SpiderTech "By The Numbers" instructions on the backing, eliminating glue contamination and simplifying application
  • Manufactured using the original and World’s best Kinesiology Tape, Nitto Denko of Japan

Perfect for Use Out of Clinic or on the Field

SpiderTech PowerStrips are a great addition to any therapist’s "travel kit", providing you an easy to store, easy to use form of Kinesiology Tape Therapy without the need to pack scissors or manage raw rolls of tape. And, the X, Y,& I shapes let you quickly "build" a complete therapeutic solution on the spot.

Ideal for Pediatrics Use

Use SpiderTech PowerStrips as your Pre-Cut solution for Pediatric patients.

Pediatric Application Library Pediatric Application Library
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Product Information

Quantity per Box
  • X – 50.80mm(w) x 203.20mm(h)
  • Y – 50.80mm(w) x 203.20mm(h)
  • I – 25.40mm(w) x 152.40mm(h)
  • 40 X (Equal to 2 Std Rolls)
  • 40 Y (Equal to 2 Std Rolls)
  • 100 I (Equal to 2 Std Rolls)

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