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ProTouch Cycling Team:


James Fourie: “I have recently been using SpiderTechTM for my right knee and my neck. The knee spider offers support for my right knee, and enables me to use the full force of my capabilities during an attack or sprint. Cyclists generally have a bad posture, being in an aero position on the bike for many hours at a time. I used to get neck pain on long rides, but since I have been using the neck and shoulder Spider for support, I have not had this pain anymore.”


Reynard Butler: “For me personally, SpiderTechTM tape has really helped with pain-relief post crash - and, not only on one occasion. I would recommend it to anyone.” - Referring specifically to a crash sustained at the 100 Cycle Challenge earlier this year.


Jayde Julius: “SpiderTechTM has given me a real ‘boost' to my racing

experience, especially in climbing and TT (time trials). Recently, at the Tour du Rwanda where a lot of climbing was required, I could denitely feel the dierence when applying the shoulder Spider on my neck and shoulders, offering me support when pushing the limit on those long stages. I could feel the dierence, and regretted the day I forgot to apply SpiderTechTM for Stage 4. Having SpiderTechTM as a sponsor has been a true game-changer. I believe in the brand - it provides support and offers key marginal gains as a pro cyclist in peak performance racing.”


Gustav Basson: “For me, SpiderTechTM has helped support my knee when I had an injury earlier this year. The pre-cut Spiders are easy to put on and replace. It offers support, without obstructing my riding - it does not feel like there is anything on my knee. It is amazing.”


Mitch Eliot: “I use SpiderTechTM frequently. I usually use it on my knees as I have a lot of trouble with them from previous crashes and injuries. Since I have been using SpiderTechTM, I have little or no pain at all - I am enjoying it a lot. Thanks #Stickittopain “


Myles van Musschenbroek: SpiderTechTM has helped me tremendously in all the cycling tours I have done this year. Usually, after the third stage - when my body starts to fatigue - I start applying the taping. The support it gives me, helps me push through the pain and gets me through the later stages with less effort.”


Tiano da Silva: “SpiderTechTM has greatly improved my pain relief and recovery. It allows me to pin-point the spot of bother, and it keeps me on the bike when pain or injury tries to stop me.”


Rickardo Broxham: "SpiderTechTM has helped me with pain relief, faster recovery and it decreases ininflammation. It’s the perfect muscle support."

SA Elite Ladies Underwater Hockey Team:


From a coach’s perspective:

Being away from familiar support structures such as physio’s and bio’s is always difficult but having SpiderTechTM products in a ready-to-use format as well as plain tape is reassuring in addressing any niggles before they become more serious and have a negative result on performance.


The application of the ready-to-use products was a cinch and easy to

apply to any affected body part. Roger Bester [Ladies Elite Coach 2013 (Bronze), 2016 (Gold) and 2018 (4th)]


SpiderTechTM provided much-needed support in the preparation for the World Championships as well as at the Worlds. I was fortunate not to have any real injuries in the run-up or at Worlds, but as it goes with serious training, you feel the strain on a wrist or a shoulder (my 2 most common areas of concern) and it was comforting to be able to use the tape in support just to prevent a niggle from becoming serious. The knowledge of good back-up if something got more serious, was also a comforting



Zandre Coetzee: SA Underwater Hockey Elite Player - 2016 (Gold), 2018 (4th); U/19 - 2013 (Bronze), 2015 (Gold), U/23 - 2017 (Bronze)

SpiderTechTM is very handy and easy to use! The pre-cut strapping is so convenient and the stabilisation that I experienced with using this tape around a joint was excellent!


The bright colours look fierce!

Thank you to SpiderTechTM for providing us with physical and

performance support.


Jeanie Van der Merwe:

SA Elite Ladies Captain 2018, Ladies Elite - 2016 (Gold), 2013 (Bronze) Medical Doctor in KZN


SpiderTechTM is a huge help for my shoulder and is now part of my

everyday training life.


I highly recommend this brand to all!


SpiderTechTM is proud to sponsor Team Protouch, a cycling team made up of 9 competitors who

compete nationally and internationally. To date they have powered their way to some

impressive achievements in the SA Championships, Gauteng Championships, African

Continental Championships and Tour Du Rwanda.


SpiderTechTM is also an official sponsor of the SA ELITE LADIES UNDERWATER HOCKEY TEAM

who recently competed in the World Championships in Canada, placing 4th overall.

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